Podcast #4: Top 5 Bruce Springsteen Albums


Hosts Tim and Richard are joined by writer Larry Dobrow as the three “musicologists” debate Bruce Springsteen’s Top 5 albums.

Larry Dobrow has written about sports, entertainment and media for a range of publications, including CBS Sports.com, American Way, Advertising Age, MediaPost, AARP and CBS MoneyWatch. He’s the author of the upcoming children’s book, Derek Jeter’s Ultimate Baseball Guide 2015, scheduled to be published next March by Jeter Publishing.


Landmark Albums: World Party’s “Goodbye Jumbo”

Although its title refers to the extinction of elephants, World Party’s Goodbye Jumbo is every bit as enjoyable and eclectic as it was twenty-four years ago.

Goodbye Jumbo, the follow-up to World Party’s 1986 debut, Private Revolution, is nothing short of masterful. Released on April 24, 1990, the album is essentially a solo effort from the former keyboardist of The Waterboys, Karl Wallinger. 


Greatest Album Covers: The Ramones

It’s simple, really. Johnny, Tommy, Joey and Dee Dee. Black leather jackets, ratty Levis and white boat shoes, standing upright against a brick wall, staring at the camera with stoic faces.

It’s simple, really.


Lost Gems: Uncle Green’s Rycopa

The legend of the “great lost album” is one of the most enduring in rock ‘n’ roll.

In the case of Uncle Green, fondly remembered from their major-label days in the early-to-mid ’90s, the legend is actually true. And the evidence — sometimes scarce with legends — can be found today at your favorite music retailer. It is called Rycopa.

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