What’s New With Levi Lowrey?


When last we heard from Levi (January 2014), he was celebrating the release of his second studio album, the eponymous Levi Lowrey. Since then, Levi went on hiatus, gave up smoking, returned to music, released a new album and is in the midst of a music industry “revolution.”

We caught up with the country crooner and here’s what’s new with him:


5 Great Debut Solo Albums (Part Three)

After Elford Alley had written part one of 5 Great Debut Solo Albums, I knew immediately that part two would soon follow. There was so much more to say! Elford has a newborn so he’s busy with early morning feedings and other parental matters, and I knew if there would ever be a part two I’d have to take hold of the reins.

Once part two (read part two) was completed, I knew part three was imminent (even though I was trying to fend off the temptation). Why was I putting off part three? I’m not entirely sure, but I hope I’ve created some mystery surrounding the next installment.

So here’s part three. I hope you enjoy it!


Indie Spotlight: Hoochie Coochie Men

I would gather at this point you know I am sucker for a good bluesy rock band, so when the Hoochie Coochie Men happened upon my desk I sat for a while (with a little bit of Makers) and took a listen. Any band that can make me sit and want to hear a whole lot of them is a band I want to get to know more about so that is what I did.

We got to talking about supporting their new EP, Big Blue Tree, Rockwood Music Hall and being an independent artist and it went something like this…


Top 5 George Harrison Collaborations

With so much talk about Paul McCartney’s recent uninspired collaborations with Kanye West and Rihanna, I figured we should turn to the most spiritual member of The Beatles, George Harrison, to shed some “inner light” on sincere musical collaborations.

At the Concert For George, Monty Python’s Eric Idle described “Harrison as one of the few morally good people that rock and roll has produced.” Riffraf has featured articles on both Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s collaborations and now it’s time to turn our attention to one of the good guys in rock-n-roll, George Harrison.

Here are George Harrison’s Top 5 Collaborations:

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