5 Great Debut Solo Albums


It’s as much a part of a successful band’s story as the substance abuse and rehab stints. I’m talking about the solo album.

At some point, someone is going solo. Sometimes the first solo album isn’t very good – Mick Jagger’s She’s The Boss comes to mindand sometimes it’s downright abysmal (Peter Criss’ Peter Criss), but every now and then, someone manages to release a truly great debut solo record – Sting, Stevie Nicks, Donald Fagen and Eric Clapton- that rivals the work of the artist’s own band.

Here are five great debut solo albums from musicians who parted ways with their respective bands:


Rock, Rhythm & Race Baiting

Elvis Presley is dead. It happened some thirty-seven years ago, but if he was alive he’d be eighty and that’s a big deal. Right? Personally, whenever I hear mention of “Elvis Presley” the first thing that comes to mind is a line from a Dead Kennedy’s song: “Liquor filled statues of Elvis Presley/ Screw his head off and drink like a vampire.”


Indie Spotlight: Nadine Shah

I will admit that I have a love for things across the pond, especially when it comes to music.

When I heard the “stop in your tracks” voice of Nadine Shah, I knew we had to chat. Shah is gearing up for her latest effort, Fast Food on April 6, and I got a chance to talk with her about her process, musical memories and of course the song she wished she had written and it went something like this…


Lost Gems: “Cold Feet” by Liam Finn

It’s not easy being the son of a famous musical father. Just ask Julian Lennon.

Liam Finn, son of Neil Finn (Crowded House/Split Enz/Finn Brothers), might write melodic songs and sound eerily similar to his father, but he has certainly carved out his own musical identity.

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