Top 5 Beards


While some cultures view the beard as a sign of man’s virility, wisdom, strength and perhaps social status, we at Riffraf think it’s simply a fashion statement that either works for some (see Jerry Garcia above) or has gone horribly wrong for others (we won’t name names).

Since it is Movember, we thought we’d honor the beard and those musicians who have rocked one – some of them have rocked one long before it was ever in fashion (see Jerry Garcia).

Here are our top five beards in rock:


Indie Spotlight: Joe Marson

Talking with Joe Marson was a unique treat for me. His music is perfect when hanging with your friends or when you need a great soundtrack for your thoughts.

The Brooklyn based singer/songwriter just released his new EP Electric Soul Magic that captured my ear from the first note. I got the pleasure of talking with him about Brooklyn, his mission to give Gingers a good name and his opinion on underrated albums and it went something like this…


Iconic Photographs: John Lennon in NYC T-Shirt

In August 1974, John Lennon was looking to make a comeback. It’s hard to believe that only four years removed from Beatlemania Lennon was down on his luck, but he was recovering from the commercial failure — his first — of his fourth solo album, Some Time in New York City. He was also recuperating from his self-proclaimed “lost weekend,” a year and a half of partying in Los Angeles and New York estranged from wife Yoko Ono.


Top 5 MTV Unplugged Performances

Twenty five years ago, when MTV was still a music video channel, the fabulous “Unplugged” series was launched. The first episode, hosted by Jules Shear, was aired on November 26, 1989 and it featured Squeeze, Syd Straw and Elliot Easton. 

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