Michael Franti’s First Concert


Ever since his days with the Beatnigs in the late 80s, Michael Franti has written politically conscious music. With the Beatnigs, Franti employed hip hop as his sounding board. As a member of  the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, he fused hip hop with industrial. For the past twenty years as the leader of Spearhead, Franti’s social commentary is complemented by R&B, soul and hip-hop.

Travis Drageset at Allmusic.com said that ”through [Franti's] use of his own raw power – charisma, sex appeal, sense of social injustice – he carried out in his music a community-generated passion in much the same way as Gil Scott-Heron or Marvin Gaye.”


Remembering Photographer Barry Feinstein

In the 1950s, Barry Feinstein photographed some of Hollywood’s biggest legends: Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland, Charlton Heston, Jayne Mansfield and Steve McQueen. He was a frequent contributor to TimeEsquire, and Newsweek. But in the 1960s, he turned his attention to musicians where he truly established himself as an artist.

Mr. Feinstein has said that, “musicians are actually easier to photograph than movie stars. They’re just not as uptight.”


Podcast #8: Louise Goffin


Louise Goffin is the daughter of legendary songwriters Gerry Goffin and Carole King. Having been raised in a musical background it was perhaps inevitable that Louise would follow down the same path as her successful parents.


First Concert: Jim Goodwin of The Call

In 1984, keyboardist Jim Goodwin replaced bass player Scott Freeman and The Call released its third studio album, Scene Beyond Dreams. The record was praised by critics; however, it couldn’t quite muster the commercial success of its predecessor Modern Romans (1983).

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