Indie Spotlight: Neulore


When I hear the phrase “modern folk” I think, “Oh great it’s going to be Mumford and Sons with a beat.” But that is not the case with Nashville’s Neulore.

Already gaining acclaim for having their song “Shadow of a Man” featured on Grey’s Anatomy, the duo is comprised of Adam Agin and William T. Cook, who bring life to their lyrics by imparting their passion in their storytelling. I got the chance to chat with the pair about their first full length record, Nashville and of course what song they wish they had written.


Banned Album Covers: Roxy Music’s “Country Life”

Why do the censors find the human body to be so offensive? To them, nips and pubes aren’t erotic they’re especially repugnant. They must have had a field day with the cover to Roxy Music’s fourth album, Country Life (1974).


No Cover: Garland Jeffreys

In this edition of “No Cover,” Gail Prusslin welcomes New York City’s own Garland Jeffreys, whose most recent album Truth Serum was released in 2013. Aside from playing four songs, Garland talks about taking time off from music to raise his daughter along with his wife, how he returned to the scene more energetic than ever (he’s 71), and about his current thoughts on racial identity and race in America.


Puttin’ a Band Together

For everyone who heard The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show and started a band. For everyone who listened to Kiss Alive and started a band. For everyone who saw The Ramones at CBGB’s and started a band. For everyone who started a band just to meet girls…

This excerpt from Nick Hornby’s novel A Long Way Down is for you …

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