5 Amazing Autumnal Tracks


Autumn in New York. Ahhhh!!!! My season of choice. Spring may be the season of rebirth, but for me autumn is the season of possibility.

Today – September 22nd – it’s officially autumn. Can you feel the crisp autumn air on the back of your neck and smell the smoldering fireplace in your nose? Can you?

Here are five amazing songs that celebrate my favorite three months.


Iconic Photographs: Ray Charles

The incomparable Ray Charles died ten years ago. He was 73.

You might know Charles’ music. You can hear his voice, but when you picture the master of Soul, what image comes to mind? Chances are it’s Norman Seeff’s 1985 photograph.


Indie Spotlight: Neulore

When I hear the phrase “modern folk” I think, “Oh great it’s going to be Mumford and Sons with a beat.” But that is not the case with Nashville’s Neulore.

Already gaining acclaim for having their song “Shadow of a Man” featured on Grey’s Anatomy, the duo is comprised of Adam Agin and William T. Cook, who bring life to their lyrics by imparting their passion in their storytelling. I got the chance to chat with the pair about their first full length record, Nashville and of course what song they wish they had written.


Banned Album Covers: Roxy Music’s “Country Life”

Why do the censors find the human body to be so offensive? To them, nips and pubes aren’t erotic they’re especially repugnant. They must have had a field day with the cover to Roxy Music’s fourth album, Country Life (1974).

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