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Luck is a fickle companion. You can piss it off or drive it away without knowing it. Other times when it’s least expected, luck saunters up, presses tight against your hip and sticks a clammy wet finger in your ear. Then poof! The impossible is made whole. That’s luck, no reason, no logic, just luck.

It takes a special kind of asshole to forget how much dumb luck plays in the beginning of any success. 


Songwriting 101: Billy Joe Shaver

Billy Joe Shaver doesn’t play outlaw country. He is outlaw country. His songs, covered by everyone from Johnny Cash to Bob Dylan, gave birth to the outlaw country sound and had a major impact on country music as a whole. Even in his personal life, Shaver seems to be pulled from a Highwaymen song, such as the time in 2007 when he shot a man who pulled a knife on him, asking, “Where do you want it?” before pulling the trigger and inspiring two country songs.

This year he turns 75, and after a life of hardships, deep personal loss and amazing music, he’s still going strong. We were lucky to talk to Billy Joe about his new album, Long In The Tooth, his autobiography and how songwriting can save your life.  


Indie Spotlight: The Nearly Deads

When you have a female lead singer of a rock band, the world stops and takes notice. The Nearly Deads, a pop /grunge style outfit from Nashville by way of Tampa is putting out fun and inspired rock music that made me take notice.

I got the chance to chat with the band about their influences, shooting their Wayne’s World inspired music video and of course what song they wish they had written and it went like this…


What Ever Happened to Living Colour?

One of the most celebrated rock songs to come out of the 1980s was Living Colour’s “The Cult of Personality.” With its catchy guitar riff, hard rock sound and edgy lyrics, it stood out against the hair bands and pop music of the late 80s.

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