The Music Keeps Playing & The Dancers Don’t Stop

RFTC Picture

Spontaneity is probably the first thing you lose once you hit thirty.

It definitely packs its bags with the birth of your first child. For somebody like me in his mid-30s with a wife and kid, a good lead time is a definite must before I stumble out into the dark night of the nation’s capital with some friends.  Four months was how long I had between buying the ticket to the Rocket From The Crypt reunion show and walking through the doors of the Black Cat Club in D.C.


Iconic Photographs: Aladdin Sane

The cover to David Bowie’s sixth studio album, 1973′s Aladdin Sane, features Bowie’s androgynous alter ego Ziggy Stardust in all his glory with a striking lightning bolt over his right eye and a peculiar clear liquid dripping from his clavicle.

I’m not entirely sure what the mysterious liquid is – perhaps Mr. Bowie was eating a hot dog and some Gulden’s dripped onto his clavicle – nonetheless it contributes to the iconic nature of Brian Duffy’s legendary photograph.


Lost Gems: “Birth, School, Work, Death” by The Godfathers

The Godfathers released the single “Birth, School, Work, Death” in 1988. The gloomy song undermines the ethos of narcissism and excess of Western culture of the late 80s.


What’s in a Name?

In the late eighties, I was the lead singer in a good band that had a really great name – Catch 22. Mind you, none of us had read Joseph Heller’s classic novel, but we were at least familiar with its meaning, and we thought it would be a
cool name for our band.

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