Lost Gems: “Teacher Teacher” by Rockpile


Some of you might recognize “Teacher Teacher” from the 2011 film Bad Teacher, but my guess is that most of you who are familiar with the tune–I’m sure–know the single from Rockpile’s 1980 album Seconds of Pleasure.


What’s New With Brian Wilson?


While the Mike Love/Bruce Johnston version of the Beach Boys is presently touring the United States, Mr. Beach Boy himself, Brian Wilson, has just announced a tour of his own.


Top 5 Guitar Solos of the 1970s

With part three of our greatest guitar solo series, we’re looking at the 1970s. By the end of the sixties, several guitar gods only grew in stature – Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton come to mind – and some new ones surfaced. Many bands began moving away from the blues scale and branching into everything from jazz to prog rock.

Here are five great guitar solos of the 1970s.


How I Learned to Sing

As a kid, I would lie on my bed and recall every chord and nuance from my dad’s Frank Sinatra records. I could hear it all as if Frank were standing at the foot of the bed serenading me. In retrospect, those were kind of strange and uncanny events, though at the time I took it all for granted. It was fun.

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