Iconic Photographs: The Kids Are Alright


You might have seen the above photo a million times. You might have studied the face of all four members of The Who to see if somebody’s eyes are slightly open. You might be such a big fan of the band that you even researched the place where the photo was taken.

If you thought, as I did, that Art Kane’s iconic photograph of The Who was taken somewhere in England then you’d be entirely incorrect.


5 Great Nicknames

A cool nickname can build the mystique of a musician. Just ask Gordon Sumner, Paul Hewson, Michael Balzari and James Osterberg. Sting, Bono, Flea and Iggy Pop have nicknames that are so engrained in the public consciousness that most folks don’t even know their real names.

So with our “5 Great Nicknames” we’ve chosen epithets that haven’t completely usurped the musician’s real name. Just great nicknames. And of course we’ve paid tribute to the King, Elvis Presley, who might have the greatest nickname of them all.


Banned Album Covers: Mother’s Milk


The censors equate a woman’s bare breast with something that is vulgar and pornographic. Therefore, if a band chooses to display a topless woman on its album cover the record will inevitably be banned. Such was the case with the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 1989 album Mother’s Milk.


Intensely Intimate With Andy Shauf

Andy Shauf’s music is intensely intimate, the lyrics and arrangements demanding attention and therefore drawing from listeners a deep emotional investment. The language in his songs is vivid and deliberate in details, with arrangements that demonstrate the careful economy of a perfectionist looking for the very right balance.

His album The Bearer of Bad News—exceptionally produced in the basement of his parents’ home—is immersive, drawing you in and finding lodging in some deep recess of your brain where periodically the residual ghost of soft, airy clarinets may sound off.

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