Indie Spotlight: Lullwater


Last year I got the chance to go see Passafire, so when they came around earlier this month to the Marlin Room at Webster Hall, my cousin – aka my concert partner in crime – wanted to go. We got there well before the opening band (which happens about 15% of the time) and got our beers. What happened next has changed me…I saw Lullwater perform. 


Remembering Don Kirshner

For music fans who came of age in the 1970s and 80s, Don Kirshner is perhaps best known as the geeky host of one of the coolest television programs of all-time, Rock Concert. The show ran from 1973 to 1982 and introduced America to some of the most popular musical acts of the day.


Greatest Album Covers: Who’s Next

A great album demands a great cover. Well, I’m not sure that statement holds any water today, with iTunes and all kinds of downloading and pirating, but in the 1970s the album cover was an essential part of the LP experience.

A favorite album cover of mine is Who’s Next, which just happens to be a great album from the 70s.

RFTC Picture

The Music Keeps Playing & The Dancers Don’t Stop

Spontaneity is probably the first thing you lose once you hit thirty.

It definitely packs its bags with the birth of your first child. For somebody like me in his mid-30s with a wife and kid, a good lead time is a definite must before I stumble out into the dark night of the nation’s capital with some friends.  Four months was how long I had between buying the ticket to the Rocket From The Crypt reunion show and walking through the doors of the Black Cat Club in D.C.

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